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Cheshire Breeding - Unique Pedigree

Strategically located between the international commercial hubs of Liverpool and Manchester the county of Cheshire in North West England provides 871 square miles of opportunity, innovation, ambition, inspiration and growth.

From the University of Liverpool’s Leahurst campus in the north down to Genus in the south, there is an area of breeding distinction which is unmatched anywhere else in the UK.

Cheshire is home to the UK’s largest bull stud farm, the world’s largest Shire horse stud farm, and the premier supplier of turkey breeding stock across the globe. Add to that the cutting-edge developments of Cheshire’s veterinary and agricultural educational institutions and the world-renowned conservation breeding of Chester Zoo.

Centuries of Innovation

Cheshire has a rich heritage of technological excellence and innovation.

The region has for centuries led the way in farming and breeding innovation, and remains at the cutting edge of advances in genomics and artificial reproductive technologies.

The provenance of many of our herds - and the families that have farmed them - goes back over 500 years. This combination of farming tradition and technological development means that Cheshire is now home to some of the highest ranked stud animals in the world.

It’s a breadth of breeding expertise and innovation that you won’t find anywhere but here.

Great British Breeding

Cheshire Breeding is a partnership between ten businesses and centres of education in the region - each leading innovators in either livestock breeding, conservation breeding or genomic and agri-tech research.

Together, and with funding from the Government’s GREAT Britain campaign, these organisations form a unique offer, which we believe is not matched anywhere else.

An unparalleled blend of heritage and innovation, of generations of farming knowledge and an uncompromising commitment to scientific advancement. Wherever you do business - let Cheshire be your first port of call for information and world-class product.

To see how you can benefit, get in touch with Cheshire Breeding.

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