Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is the UK’s most popular zoo with a mission to act for wildlife and be a major force in conserving biodiversity worldwide. Conservation breeding and maintaining sustainable healthy populations is recognized as a top priority for zoos and aquariums worldwide. Many of the species held at Chester Zoo are part of breeding programmes and the Zoo uses science to achieve the greatest impact in conservation breeding.

These programmes help to manage animals between different zoos as self-sustaining populations and is vital for those species that are on the brink of extinction in the wild. Furthermore, without viable animal populations zoos and aquariums cannot directly or indirectly contribute to global biodiversity conservation or reconnect people with nature.

Given this unique position zoos and aquariums hold, Chester Zoo accepts the responsibility that comes with maintaining and caring for animals, by promoting and exemplifying sustainable practices in the management of their animal populations, their facilities and the environment. Chester Zoo is globally renowned for its scientific specialisms and the input their staff can provide on caring for extensive and diverse populations of living plants and animals.

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