Cogent  is the UK's largest Bull Stud, who have successfully developed a breeding programme founded on production, type and reliability.

In 1995, Cogent Breeding had a vision to support British dairying and get the industry back on to the global map. Now, 20 years later, the company continues to push the boundaries of farming by providing consistent genetic and technological improvements for customers.

Cogent were the pioneers in sexed semen technology and after establishing themselves as market-leaders with a world-class UK breeding programme, Cogent quickly became the driving force behind improvement in genetics, reproduction and selection. This saw the beginning of a dedication to continually develop, invest and research to ensure the highest possible standards within the dairy and beef industry.

Today, the company remains the market leader in sexed semen technology with the strongest, most diversified portfolio of bovine genetics and a growing global reach- providing high-quality British product to more than 40 countries.

With a 20 year history and a consistent drive for the best genetics, it is fair to say that that Cogent’s reputation as the fastest growing UK stud has been cemented and they mean business.

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