Cheshire – the UK’s Breeding Centre of excellence


With more than 2,200 farms across a region spanning nearly 900 square Cheshire-breeders-map-V3-high-res-01V2miles, Cheshire has an excellent track record in farming and agriculture and is home to the second largest dairy herd in England. It is also a potential world leader in agri-tech, genetics and assistive reproductive technologies.

The area is home to a unique mix of businesses and centres of education, making this corner of North West England the UK’s breeding centre of excellence.

Thanks to cutting edge animal genetics, Cheshire now boasts:

  • The world’s largest shire horse stud farm, Cotebrook, which is home to Edward, the world #1 shire horse stud and father to the US Supreme National Stallion
  • The UK’s largest bull stud farm, Cogent Breeding, which includes the UK’s #1 milk sire and world #3 on the GTPI (Genomic Total Performance Index), Cogent Supershot
  • Aviagen, the premier supplier of turkey breeding stock across the globe
  • Ballycairn Oman Pello, a bull from Genus Breeding, who is ranked #1 on the UK PLI (Profitable Lifetime Index), and #2 internationally

With more than 12,000 animals spanning 400 species, Chester Zoo is the UK’s number one wildlife attraction as well as an important centre of conservation breeding of both native and global species and a centre for research in Endocrinology, animal behaviour and zoo nutrition.

With world class equestrian studs at Bolesworth, Twemlows and Harthill, and the veterinary and agricultural study and research at Reaseheath College and Leahurst Campus, Cheshire has a unique and high-calibre offer whatever your location and your needs.

Our advantages

Centuries of farming and breeding heritage

At the forefront of industrial and agricultural advances for hundreds of years, Cheshire has a heritage of technological and scientific development. It’s also a region with a deep respect and knowledge of animal husbandry and breeding, with the bloodlines of many herds going back 500 years.

With expertise spanning a range of disciplines and markets all right here you needn’t look further than Cheshire.

Cutting-edge technological innovation

Cheshire Breeding’s member businesses are on the front line of advances in genetics, agri-tech and assistive reproductive technologies.

The breadth of information and research available in the region is amongst the best in the UK and the resulting products are of the highest calibre .

The Cheshire Breeding project makes it easier than ever for you to access these exceptional businesses and education centres.

Britain is Great for Investment

The Government’s trade and investment agency, the UKTI, is committed to making the UK the most open, welcoming and business-friendly country in the world.

The World Bank has said it’s easier to do business in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, and with international investor confidence in the UK higher than the rest of the continent, it’s a great time to invest in Cheshire.

Cheshire - The UK's Breeding centre of excellence